Padala's Casino Royale 

OFA GS-74022G24F GS-EL19053F24

March 12th 2004 - April 18th, 2012

Cassie was a once in a lifetime dog.  She was a true showgirl obtaining 14 points towards her championship. All of her points except one were obtained being handled by us.  We miss her deeply.

CH Somerset Rose Turbo Charged v Saterhaus Silhouette HCT CA
OFA GS-89594E25M GS-CA1115/23M/C GS-DE114/25M GS-DM5814/47M GS-EYE138/53M

October 17th 2011-December 26th 2017

Charger was an amazing dog during his time here with us.  He was super sound and reliable in any situation.  He obtained his performance and conformation titles easily.  While being an amazing show dog, Charger was also a devout companion and family dog. He is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.


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